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Folk Tales for FUN and Challenge


Since Kindergarten Ms. McIntyre taught you that Non Fiction meant a book was true. One day when you were browsing you discovered the Magic Number 398! Could it be that your trusted Librarian was lying to you? Was she hiding some hideous secret? What were these Fiction books doing in DEWEY?



Your task will be to see just what kinds of books Ms. McIntyre has been shelving in the Non-Fiction. Once you solve that question you can confront her and find out if she has gone batty or perhaps she will have some explanation for this mystery. Otherwise you will have to turn her in to Mr. Breese! It is your Duty To DEWEY!








Folk Tales for FUN and Challenge

Take the Fairy Tale Challenge
Write and publish a Fairy Tale! Foktales from aound the world Use this Story Map- make-up a FolkTale!
Cinderella Shoe Match game Cinderella Around the World Korean Cinderella Game - HELP Pearblossom
Fun Fairytale Coloring Pages

FunScramble - Coloring Book or Word Search

Can you make sense of this fairy tale?
The Golden Sandal Fun Fairytale MadLibs Lady of the Lake Jigsaw Puzzle








Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale Detectives -- can you solve the mystery? Is it a fairytale? Print this out and see!

Try this one first - The Brementown Muscians then listen to MANY Famous Fairy Tales

Anderson Fairy Tales Grimms Fairy Tales Cinderella Tales from Around the World

FAIRY TALES (to the tune of "Jingle Bells")

Folk Tales, Folk Tales
No author wrote them down
Passed from Generation to generation
and from town to town!

Once upon a time,
In a land far away,
A girl kissed a frog -
That just made his day!

Fairy Tales! Fairy Tales!
Read them every day!
Oh what fun it is to hear
How Goldilocks got away!

Fables Fables
Read them and learn.
Lessons on how to live
Can give your life a turn.

Fables, Fables,
Animals make us think
Short and Sweet,
So we should follow them in a wink.

Tall tales, Tall tales,
Full of truth and lies
Exaggeration’s what makes them fun
Told with twinkling in the eyes!

Legends, Legends
Full of valor and bravery
Always about someone who’s real
But in the true story’s seldom seen.

Myths Myths
Explain natures mysteries
Have lots of Gods and Goddesses
And things that can’t be seen


Folk tales, Folk tales
Full of joy and laughter!
Do you know how a fairytale ends?



Fables - That'll teach you!

Folk Tale detectives -- can you solve the mystery? Is it a Fable? Print this out and see!

Listen to the The Sick Lion and see if it fits.

Aesop's Fables are the most famous fables Try a Jataka Tale
An African Fable - How Monkey looked for Trouble Another African Fable - Listen to Fur and Feathers







Tall Tales - I Swear it's true!

Fairy Tale Detectives -- can you solve the mystery? Is it a Tall Tale? Print this out and see!

Read this Davy Crockett Tale tale from TENNESSEE and see if it fits!

Casey Jones Paul Bunyan
Pecos Bill Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett




Myths -

Folk Tale Detectives -- can you solve the mystery? Is it a Myth? Print this out and see!

See Demeter and Persephone one of the Greek Myths does it fit?

Create your own myths with this machine!

How Kagaroo got his Tail The Greek Myths ------- Fun Greek Myth Games and stories
Norse Myths Myths from around the world






Folk Tale Detectives -- can you solve the mystery? Is it a Legend? Print this out and see!


King Arthur Tales Blackbeard terror of the seas